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September 11, 2015


Finding new uses for products already in your beauty cabinet is always a good idea. 

I don't like to take too much time to try new and potentially disastrous trends when it comes to my daily routine, but that doesn't mean I am a stickler when it comes to the use of particular products. I am all for teaching an old dog new tricks, and despite what you might think, it doesn't take a makeup artist to learn how to use what you already have differently. The best place to start with learning multiple uses for one product is with blush. Blush is the secret multi-use gem of your beauty stash and will save you in desperate situations if you know how to best utilize it. 

Experiment and try a few of the following: 
  1. Tinted lip balm - Make your own tinted lip balm in a pot by mixing a bit of crushed pigment in with your favorite balm. So simple, but so effective. Not only can you create your own custom shade, you'll also save on buying a probably really overpriced one. 
  2. Model off-duty eyeshadow - A sweep of rose blush across the lids creates a moody and undone, yet defined look. Almost like a Parisian woman or a model off-duty. It looks flattering because it will help to define the natural shadow but will still look natural. 
  3. Complexion warm up - Don't confine your blush to just the apples of your cheeks. If you find the right shade, it can do the job of contour, blush, and bronzer in a few flicks of that powder brush. 
Is there anything you use your blush for outside the limit of the product label? Share!

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