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September 28, 2015


We all know La Mer to be the Rolls Royce of skincare...and with a cult of glowing-skinned gals following behind it, it's for good reason. Meet the new La Mer Renewal Oil, a bi-phase oil that contains a potent blend of the brand's famous Miracle Broth and sea derived nutrients that are activated together when shaken. It's safe to say I had high hopes for this golden facial oil, whose skin-regenerating praises are being sung all across the beauty-sphere. 

I'm going to give myself away early here and tell you, yes, it's as good as they're saying, if not better. It's a dry oil, so there are no traces of grease or shine left behind after application. My skin drinks this miracle broth right up and is left feeling comfortable, soothed, and plumped. The real miracle here happens when you wake up the morning after using this oil. Since it stimulates natural collagen production and energizes skin's repair process, you know it's working hard while you get some much needed rest. At $240 for 1oz, it's no doubt a pricey beauty buy, but two small drops gives tired, lackluster skin a boost of sea-sourced vitamins and nutrients that literally changes skin overnight. I've been complemented on my "glow" multiple times on mornings after using this, and that's no small feat for so early in the day. 

In short, this oil is amazing. I'd liken the results to a post-facial glow, for which each session can cost about the price of this bottle. If you're really looking for something to ramp up your skincare routine this is an investment worth making. It's hard for a busy woman to find time for a facial, and when there's a bottle with a miracle potion that can do the dirty work for you, who really needs one anyway? Not to mention, all this skin-changing goodness happens right from the comfort of your own bed. I don't know about you but I could definitely get used to that.

*pr samples included.


  1. This sounds like an amazing oil! But definitely breaks the bank! I've actually never heard of this brand before (I'm not the biggest skincare junkie, although trying to change that!) but this might just have to be on a wish list for myself!


    1. It does! But it would definitely last for a long time. It's skin-changing :)


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