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October 23, 2015


Fall is the perfect time to begin your winter skin prep. It's time to amp up your usual skincare routine with nourishing products that will keep your skin in tip-top shape throughout this season and into the next. Rich creams and oils are one of the best ways to protect your skin from the elements, not to mention even those with oilier complexions will benefit from these types of products. Oil is combatted by oil, which I'm sure you've all heard before. Though, it's important that you make sure you're using the right types of creams and oils, and that's where La Prairie comes in.

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream are two of my must-haves for combatting the colder temperatures. 

The Oil is certainly an amazing one, but the key phrase here is "dry oil." This isn't your standard greasy oil, instead, this lightweight oil sinks in on contact and instead feels like an ├╝ber nourishing serum. It leaves my skin feeling dewier, all while smoothing out fine lines, and nourishing my complexion. Over time, this oil has promoted a more radiant complexion overall as well and has, if anything, prevented any breakouts from plaguing my complexion. It's certainly a skincare treat worth investing in if you'd like to see real, lasting results.

I have, of course, been using the Oil in conjunction with the Cream, which have become my go-to duo for plump and radiant skin. These are potent, yet gentle, anti-aging skincare products that will leave even younger complexions staying that way longer. The Cream feels like silk on the skin and leaves no trace of product once massaged in, just smooth and moisturized skin. As a part of my nighttime skincare routine, I often mix a drop of the oil into the cream for a juicy and deeply hydrating skin treat. It has given me the perfectly plump, smooth, and radiant canvas on which to apply minimal makeup come morning.

How do you amp-up your skincare routine as the temperatures drop?

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