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October 05, 2015


For work, I often find myself researching editor favorites, and talking beauty on a daily basis. One brand that seams to pop up in the world of haircare over and over lately is Davines. The Italian brand is based out of Parma and creates sustainable hair care products made with natural ingredients - which isn't so easy to find these days. Especially when it comes to effective products. 

For someone who switches up products so regularly, hair is the category in which I am most loyal. I've polished off countless bottles of Moroccan Oil, Sachajuan Ocean Mist, and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray - and yeah, that's about it. Other than a few additional items that sit in my drawers these are the ones that have made it to repurchase status time and time again. But, after hearing praises sung of Davines ten too many times to ignore, I picked up a few goodies and gave them a test run myself. Instantly, it became a long-term relationship I was ready to commit to. 

Full disclosure here: my hair is already in good condition, so other than trying to boost shine, tame a few flyaways, and add a bit of texture...I don't have any major hair concerns that I'm trying to combat on a daily basis. In terms of styling, I usually let it air dry, but I do tend to add a bit of bend or wave to my hair so heat protection also gets thrown in the mix. 

So naturally, I was drawn to the Melu Hair Shield, a heat protecting aqua-hued spray that smells like heaven and detangles instantly. I have been using this for about a month and haven't gone a day without it yet. It's helping to keep my ends healthy, which means I'll be able to last longer until my next cut...maybe it will give me the patience to grow my hair long this time! Fingers crossed...

My precious bottle of Moroccan Oil was almost out, so I decided to try the oil from Davines line (that has a cult following as well), OI Absolute Beautifying Potion. My first reaction was how much more lightweight this was, which is something I look for in oils thanks to my heavy hair. It contains a blend of oils to protect hair in the long-term against aging, including antioxidant-rich roucou, and silicone to instantly tame frizz. It only takes about 2 small drops to coat the ends of my thick hair and smooth down any pesky stragglers. It, like the hair shield, also smells amazing - I love it. 

I've already got more products on the way - eager to try as many I can from this hair-saving lineup. 

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