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October 20, 2015


I will forever be a fan of lipsticks. They are one of those makeup items whose effects we see immediately; we all know what a red lip can do for the complexion. I personally love a more matte lip when it comes to wearing bolder colors, but despise the drying result some tend to have on the lips...something that needs to be avoided when there is so much attention on the area. It goes without saying I've sacrificed my love of bold colors in favor of moisturized and healthier looking lips, but since discovering Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution formula, I don't have to. Praise the lipstick gods...

The difference between these lipsticks and regular matte formulas are the sheer, moisturizing, and buildable texture that they boast. Forget that dried out and caked on texture that you typically get with matte lipsticks. These are just as long lasting, but are sheer enough to give a buildable texture so that you can choose just how matte you'd like them to be. Charlotte's lipsticks contain moisturizing ingredients and 3-D light reflecting pigments that give the illusion of fuller-looking lips that are lit from within. These truly are one of a kind and really feel like cashmere on the lips, no drying texture here. What's not to love?

My favorite shades, and the ones I have shown here (in order, left to right) are: Bond Girl (a deep berry-raisin), Very Victoria (a modern tawny-nude), and Lost Cherry (a complexion-enhancing juicy cherry). I'm most definitely wondering what the other must-have shades are...comment away!

*pr samples included.


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