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October 28, 2015


Writing constantly about beauty has its ups and downs - trialling a good few products on the regular is definitely a pro. But, it also makes it hard to find stand out formulas in a sea of similar products and launches. And something else to consider in this ever-changing beauty landscape, is that the best products aren't always the newest, shiniest releases. So yes, you do have to dig. Then again, that's what us beauty bloggers are here to do. 

Recently I've discovered two new products that haven't left my face since their stash-induction. Guerlain has been on my mind since their Holiday beauty offering landed on my desk - I think I simply forgot how amazing their products were and had a bit of an "ah-hah" moment. 

I was lucky enough to be invited for an education on their products, and as a result, fell in love with the lineup once more. After an in-depth look at their star products and brand heritage, there were many items that caught my eye, but none more so than the Guerlain Maxilash Intense Volumizing Mascara and the Guerlain KissKiss Roselip

Maxilash is everything I've always wanted in a mascara; drama, thickness, curl, definition, and length. I'm not joking, either. I haven't come across a formula this good, like, ever. I've been using another high-end mascara for about a year now and was comfortable with it, until this completely converted me and I have a feeling there's no turning back. Not to mention, have you seen that tube? So sleek, elegant, and...perfect.

The KissKiss Roselip is a beautiful hydrating and plumping tinted lip conditioner. I'm always a fan of sheer colored balms for everyday use, but this one has risen to the top of the ranks quickly. It cushions the lips with a veil of beautiful and impactful color. It's not one of those "tinted balms" that don't give any color payoff whatsoever, instead, it's the perfect everyday neutral shade. It's also improved the condition of my lips drastically, and lasts much longer than your typical buttery formula. It's safe to say I'm in love. 

Have you tried any amazing formulas from Guerlain before?


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