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October 27, 2015


If there's anything I love in the beauty world most, it's the products that fall under the simple and immediately effective category. Not many do, but when you cross paths with a product that does what it should, and fast, you know it's a keeper. These Hydro-Gel Eye Masks, from a K-Beauty brand called Cellpio, are amazing. 

The round golden canister comes with 60 gel masks, or 30 pair, soaked in an essence of sorts for your eyes. They are made with all natural ingredients, and feel absolutely amazing on tired, puffy eyes. I love that at the end of a long day, I can come home and place these on and forget about them completely. The thick gel layer forms perfectly to the delicate skin around the eye and doesn't let go, so you can feel free to go about your usual business without thinking twice. The best part is, when you take them off, there's no rinsing required, so you even do this right from the comfort of your bed without having to ever move. Yes, please. Oh, and let's not forget that you reap instant benefits from using these; brighter, depuffed, and relaxed eyes are your reward. 

They are similar to many products that K-Beauty brands have out on the market currently, and I suggest you pick yourself up a pack if you haven't yet. The ones I have, I picked up from a small specialty shop and can only find them available through Amazon, so I've linked a few similar options below.

I'm obsessed, and quite honestly, don't know how I was ever without these in my routine.

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