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October 14, 2015


Fit it all. No sacrifices and no checked luggage. Hard to believe, but these simple and seemingly obvious tips are the key to fitting all of your necessities within the parameters of the 3-1-1 rule. In case you're unaware of said rule, that means all of your carry-on liquids must be 3 oz or less, and fit into only one 1 quart bag. If you do crack the code, you'll save major space and time and still take enough to ensure you look your best and feel at home throughout your travels.
  1. Minis, minis, minis - Of course, the number one way to save on space is to miniaturize your routine. I love minis, and purposely mark my calendar for good GWP opportunities so that I have them stored up when it comes time to pack. Another great way to get your hands on these is through monthly beauty box subscriptions and sampler kits. This way you get to literally road-test new products and also bring old favorites. Minis are not only great for long-haul trips but also for weekends away when you don't want to be weighed down by a million products that you can't detach yourself from. Oh, and handbag-friendly. 
  2. Disposable sachets - The tempting-to-toss disposable packets of product that you get with almost every single beauty-related purchase you make, are much more useful than you think. If you hate traveling without beauty additions like masks and luxe treatments, bring them in the form of these space-saving sachets. They are free, which is otherwise practically impossible in the beauty world. 
  3. Empty bottles - Even if you don't have any travel planned right this minute, purchase a set of clear, empty bottles now. When a last minute travel opportunity or business trip pops up, you'll be happy you have these around. Decant your favorites into these bottles and don't spend money on additional travel-sized products. The dollars you spend on this set will more than pay for itself within the first use. It's also really handy for when your favorites aren't offered in miniaturized versions, like foundations, which can easily be squeezed into one of the included pots to save on space in your liquids bag. And when it comes to toting fragrance, atomizers are the way to go.
  4. Maximize your partners space - If you're traveling with a partner, be it a significant other or close friend, split up the necessities between the two of you. For example, Bobby brings the cleanser and moisturizer and Betty brings the shampoo and conditioner. This way you can bring larger sizes of each product and not waste space by bringing each item twice. If you're traveling with your boyfriend (they tend to be less high-maintenance than us ladies) use what space they have left over for a bit of extra product. After all, sharing is caring.
  5. Bring powder beauty products when possible - It's important to remember that powders don't count in the 3-1-1 rule. If you're still struggling to fit your routine (beauty addicts, hands up!) into the one clear bag, separate your liquids and powder products into two piles, and switch liquids and creams for powders when possible. Powders are much more practical when it comes to traveling anyway, as they don't run the risk of spilling and ruining the remainder of your products with it. You can toss the powder products into a separate bag and forget about them until your arrival. 
  6. Bring two options for lips & eyes - Not 15. Bring one bold lip and one balm that doubles as your nude option. You'll be surprised at how crafty you can become when in need, and at just how many ways you can utilize that berry lip color. Of course, same rule applies for eyeshadow; bring one neutral shade and one dark shade that can be used as a liner, or for smoking things up come nighttime. 
Stick by these golden beauty-travel rules and you'll realize how much downsizing can do for you, and your travel experience. In the end you probably won't miss the extra lipstick anyways.

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