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October 12, 2015


Well, it's kind of coming. Soon enough we'll be in the depths of cold weather that seemingly will never end, and your skin is the first to show signs of the cooling temperatures. Dry, cracked skin is never excusable, because it doesn't look good (duh), it makes you look older, malnourished, more get the gist. One of the fastest and most effective ways to beat the dry spell is with a good, fast absorbing facial oil. I know the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the terms "oil" and "face" in the same sentence is not something pleasant, but hear me out as a fellow oily-skinned gal. The oils I'm about to share with you come at all different price points and are all amazing, absorb upon contact, and leave your skin looking glowing and youthful. Who could say no to that?

  1. Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil - This über lightweight oil will have to thinking it's a moisturizing serum instead of an oil. This is a no fuss facial oil perfect for oil-newbies and for all types of complexions, even oily, thanks to it's fast absorbing properties. It's 100% natural and derived from olives so it never clogs pores, but helps to noticeable even skin's texture, diminish spots, and give skin a youthful look while keeping moisture levels in check. 
  2. La Mer The Renewal Oil - The luxe oil for the Creme de la Mer junkies out there. This dual-phase potion is activated when shaken and does wonders to promote a glowing, smooth, and even-toned complexion. It contains the same miracle broth as the brand's cult creams, which, if you've tried before you'll know what kinds of dreamy things it can do for your complexion.
  3. Tata Harper Beautifying Face Oil - An all natural silky dry-oil that helps to smooth and replenish skin while promoting a brighter and firmer complexion. The natural floral scent soothes the senses while calming even the most hot-tempered complexions. If you love the moisture and effects of an oil but hate the potential for grease, this is a must have for you. 
  4. Själ Sapphire Concentrate Anti-Aging Face Oil - A deeply nourishing anti-aging oil that acts as a regenerating treatment. This stuff is much more than an oil, as it is made up of an artisanal blend of essential oils and is infused with Himalayan blue sapphires and aquamarine that are known to promote calm, clear, and balanced skin. It also increases the elasticity of the skin while noticeable plumping up fine lines and wrinkles, making it great for everyday use as a way to prevent and treat signs of aging. 
  5. Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil - This all-natural antioxidant-rich oil acts as a serum and overall skin rehab. It's perfect for sensitive skin types, as it excludes any synthetics and fragrance of any kind, yet preserves and heals skin thanks to an infusion of Omega fatty acids and other essential vitamins. This stuff seriously helps promote overall skin health by reducing fine lines, aiding in elasticity, and reducing redness and irritability. Everyone should have a bottle of this handy for skin-emergencies. 
*pr samples included.


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