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November 30, 2015


Candles are one of my favorite ways to add a touch of warmth to the home. It's crazy how such a small object can have such a large overall impact on the ambience of a space. So, it should come as no surprise that I am always on the hunt for an exceptionally beautiful candle - and that's exactly what I found in Carrière Frères.

The brand name translates to the Carrière brothers, which gives us a bit of insight into the history of centuries-old candle company. The brand was founded in 1884 during the dawn of the industrial revolution, when the entrepreneurial brothers set out to reinvent the candle making process. They were able to create smooth and long burning candles, taking home the gold medal at the 1889 Universal Exposition, even going on to become the official wax supplier to Sacrè-Coeur in Paris. The scents are singular, but have an amazing depth, and are inspired by the scientific discovery of different flowers, woods, fruits, and herbs. 

The scents are unique and fresh, and the selection I have here are especially perfect for the holiday season - but in the most nonintrusive way. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a typical holiday scent, but after a few hours they can get a bit intense and give me a headache. Zingiber is a fresh ginger scent that smells a bit lemony and a bit spicy. Ebenus smells of ebony trees, which give off an addictive vanilla-laced, powdery woods scent when the wood from the tree is burned. Titio smells of smoked grass and cinders, like firewood burning on a cold winter night - a truly primal and comforting scent.

I do find that these candles burn more smoothly and evenly than others that I have burned in the past - much more so than my previous favorites Diptyque and Byredo. They have quickly risen to the top of my favorite candles list and all have incredible scent throw as well. Even the glass jars are lacquered by hand and the fragrances are created in Grasse - the perfume capital of the world.

Have you tried Carrière Frères candles yet?

*pr samples included.


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