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November 24, 2015


I've always had a habit of overpacking when it comes to, well, everything. But I find it especially hard to narrow down my prized beauty products to a capsule-sized collection within the confines of the 3-1-1 rule. However, the past few times I've traveled with all of my beauty, hair, skin, and body essentials tucked neatly into my carry-on. Whether or not you're traveling with only carry-ons this is helpful should your luggage get lost (it's happened to me before...restocking your whole supply is not cheap). It also forces you to take less, and to really think about what your one bold lip color might be. Not to mention, you won't end up with a bag that weighs you down or too many products to choose from when you're getting ready for a day of exploring.

Trust me and print out this list for yourself. Put it inside your clear travel-ready pouch for your next adventure and slowly add appropriately-sized products in as you get them! No last minute rush to pack the toiletries...meaning no forgetting the toothpaste.

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