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November 09, 2015


I have used Eve Lom's cult cleanser long before I was so into skincare. I loved the way it made my skin feel so plumped and nourished post-wash, much unlike the stripping cleansers I used at the time geared toward oily skin. It turns out, the Eve Lom Cleanser, one which is packed with nourishing oils to feed the skin, helped clear up my skin much more than any drying ones had before. I was in love...

Years later, I'm still loving the cleanser. You get a glow as though you've just had a facial every time you use it - which is a major bonus to a product that you use daily. If you haven't used it before, it's a thick balm with ├╝ber gentle exfoliating grains inside. When massaged on the face, the balm turns into an oil that sweeps away every last trace of makeup and softens the skin. The method of removing it with an Eve Lom Muslin Cloth also helps ramp up exfoliation while cleansing, but in the gentlest possible way. 

Immediately after cleansing, I apply the Eye Lift cream around my eyes gently. Unfortunately, since so many eye creams can be sticky, I often opt out in the morning because I can't deal with the tacky makeup mess that follows. But with this one, my skin drinks it up upon application and my eyes are left feeling de-puffed, soothed, and brighter. I also feel like I am truly doing something good to prevent those pesky crows feet from rearing their ugly heads one day. Let's hope...

The Daily Protection SPF 50 is another amazing product in the line. It's lightweight moisturizer that hydrates and protects with a hefty dose of SPF. But even before I apply the moisturizer, when my skin is feeling slack and lackluster I reach for the Intense Firming Serum. It feels like a shot of youth for tired skin, and is equal parts radiance and hydration. For me, it's so important that my products sink in quickly and leave no greasy film on my skin and neither of these products do. My skin feels soft, plumped, and looks glowing within seconds of application. I love how fast I am able to move onto makeup. 

Speaking of makeup, Eve Lom's lineup also boasts amazing skin perfecting coverage. I love using the Flawless Radiance Perfect Matte Primer for a dose of soothing, redness-reducing, and subtle illumination on my skin. The Sheer Radiance Oil Free Foundation is amazing as well - the coverage is light but evens everything out and is virtually undetectable on the skin. I also feel as though these skincare/makeup hybrids are benefitting my skin while I wear them instead of wreaking havoc like some foundations can do. These don't clog my pores and show no signs of oil-slick partway through the day. My skin and I are both happy using these amazing products. I'm in love...

*pr samples included.

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