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November 23, 2015


Everyone who loves beauty has dreamed of visiting the Guerlain store in Paris, which is stunning, but did you know that you can also experience the iconic brand and all it has to offer in-store at any Guerlain counter? A few weeks back, I was invited by Guerlain to learn more about the history of the brand and their beautiful and innovative product line, and I have to say I've never had such an educational visit to any beauty counter ever before. As someone who often shops online for beauty products, this experience was a refreshing change from my usual way of beauty shopping. I left with a stronger love and appreciation for the brand. In today's oversaturated market, it's comforting to know that this brand has stood the test of time and remained authentic; a true beacon of luxury today.

I was schooled in the art of Guerlain in the Westchester Neiman Marcus by my most gracious host, Jackie. She explained in depth the reason for each product in the line and what ingredients made each product different from others on the market. Thanks to Jackie, I discovered my perfect mascara formula - Maxi Lash So Volume, which separates,lengthens, and curls better than any mascara I've ever tried. I was also introduced to KissKiss Roselip, a hydrating and plumping lip color infused with rose oils for nourished, healthy lips. It hasn't left my side since that day and I can't wait to try more colors from the line.

Not only was the experience customized to my interests, beauty needs, and preferences, but I also learned so many interesting facts about the brand's rich history. For instance, did you know that Guerlain Eau de Cologne Impériale, a citrus aromatic fragrance for women, was created by Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain in 1858 as commissioned by Empress Eugénie (wife of Napoleon III) to ease her migraine suffering? Guerlain expanded his line went on to open his first perfume shop in Paris on Rue de la Paix. Cologne Impériale is still one of the oldest fragrances still in production today - almost 200 years old. The fragrance that began it all, more or less. The house went on to become the official perfumer to Elizabeth of Austria, the famous Sissi, Queen Victoria, and Queen Isabella of Spain. Guerlain is also celebrating another important anniversary this year, as it's iconic Shalimar fragrance has now been around for 90 years. 

What I liked most about the experience was learning how much research, history, and care goes into developing and creating each product in the Guerlain line. The products and brand have stood the test of time, and yet, remain true to their heritage - all of which is the best testament to the level of luxury carried with the Guerlain name. If you haven't had an in-store experience with Guerlain yet, I highly recommend you find your closest location and pay a visit. 


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