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November 14, 2015


Because good skin is the foundation of all successful beauty looks. We know this, don't we? Finding new gems in the (oversaturated) world of beauty is always on the top of my to-do list. Recently, I looked to the very chic Hungary-based skincare brand - Omorovicza - to reform my pores and bring back my natural glow. These few seemingly small, but mighty, potions pack a serious punch thanks to the infusion of thermal waters from the hot springs of Budapest. As you can imagine, the line is a hit with both beauty editors and novices, alike.

Omorovicza is a brand steeped in 2,000 years of history - around the time that Hungary's thermal waters were discovered to have unique healing properties. Fast forward to the 1800's, and the Omorovicza family builds the famed Racz spa in Budapest, on the site of the medieval healing spring. A couple hundred years later, descendant Stephen took his wife-to-be Margaret to the baths in Budapest. The couple was amazed at how the thermal waters changed their skin, and so they created a new skincare range, Omorovicza. Today, the line boasts the same healing qualities as the original thermal springs, and from experience I can tell you that it is just that good.

If you're looking for deep hydration and soothed, clear skin - the thermal springs are the place to be. You know it's hard to stay faithful when it comes to beauty products, but these babies always remain in my rotation. You can rely on Queen of Hungary Mist to tone, de-stress, and deeply hydrate thanks to a technology allowing minerals to penetrate deep into the skin in the form of healing water. The body allows these minerals to penetrate the deepest layers of the epidermis, making them much more effective. The Cleansing Foam is a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser that works amazingly both day and night, as it wont strip the skin of essential moisture, but will remove all traces of makeup and dirt. My skin is left feeling as though the day's grime never graced my face whatsoever.

The line also boasts the treatments worthy of a special occasion. The Thermal Cleansing Balm is perfect for facial massages, or those who prefer a more deeply nourishing and spa-like experience while cleansing. The thick-textured balm is infused with Hungarian Moor Mud for a deep cleanse, and melts into a rich oil that removes even stubborn waterproof makeup and rinses completely clean with water. I like to use this a few times a week for a hydrating and softening treatment. And of course, keeping in tradition with saving the best for last, allow me to introduce you to the Deep Cleansing Mask. This clay-based mask is rich in calcium and magnesium and acts as a pore vacuum while brightening and evening the overall tone of skin. When this mask is removed it's almost as though every individual pore was suctioned clean - which sounds gross, but looks and feels amazing.

Welcome to the deeply replenishing waters of Hungary's hot springs.

*pr samples included.

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