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November 02, 2015


As someone with oily skin, I find it hard to incorporate a sunscreen into my daily routine, but I do because it's so important to healthy skin. Before the slew of innovative, silky-textured sunscreens were released, I had to sacrifice a slight oily look for the use of SPF. I have fallen quickly for the new Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen for that reason exactly. 

This sunscreen from Tatcha is opaque white, and upon first glance looks a bit like a traditional lotion. Blend it in and you'll realize how silky smooth your skin becomes while wearing. It fills in pores and leaves skin feeling super soft and illuminated. I've even swapped out my usual makeup primers for this product lately, as it mattifies my skin without making it look flat. No more oily sunscreen that breaks up makeup...this one even helps my makeup last longer. It's safe to say this is a new staple in my daily routine. Get your hands on this now, thank me later.

*pr samples included.

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