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November 18, 2015


An unusual, but extremely satisfying cleanser/mask hybrid. May Lindstrom products are as close as you'll ever come to having someone custom make you products using the creme de la creme of natural ingredients. May sources all of the ingredients for her line herself and makes sure they are unique and truly beneficial to the skin. The Honey Mud is no exception, in fact, it isn't just a skincare product - it's a full on skin experience. If you're in need of a few minutes of "me time" and the spa just isn't an option, you should invest your pennies in a tub of this. But be warned, the first time you try it, you're going to want to eat it instead of slathering it on your face. 

Enough rambling, onto this amazing cleanser. The product contains honey, clay, and nutrient-rich plant oils that May describes as feeling like "pudding" - I'm into it. Looking into the pot, you can see exactly what she means too - it's a super dense almost gooey texture, but when it's applied it glides onto the skin like silk and rinses completely clean with water. In all honesty, it feels and smells so amazing on my face that I don't even like having to remove it. The best part is, you don't always have to so quickly. Use it as a cleanser to remove excess dirt and oils, but replace them with skin-loving ingredients instead of stripping skin clean - smooth, poreless, and plump skin is the result. Use it as a mask by leaving it on for a few extra minutes and watch your skin glow when it's removed, the honey purifies and treats blemishes, the clay tightens pores and smooths the skin, and the plant oils provide essential moisture and nourishment for radiance. It's a new must-have to help me de-stress mid-week. 

Have you tried any May Lindstrom products?


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