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November 10, 2015


I've been loving the Too Faced Melted Lips liquid lipsticks lately as a nice switch from the matte lipsticks I've been wearing for months on end. I have to say I steered clear of these for awhile whenever passing by them in store, because I figured they'd be far too heavy and unnatural looking for my taste - but I was so wrong. I picked up a set of four at the *danger zone* near the Sephora register last time I was there, thinking it would be the perfect way to give them a go. 

I am so pleasantly surprised by the creamy textures of these lipsticks and how fluid they are. I had a vision that they would come out really thick - almost sticky and gloppy, but instead, they are super buildable and lightweight. I love how easily they allow you to layer the color on without every drying out your lips. For day time, I have been swiping them on over balm for a hint of color that looks almost natural, but better. At night they're amazing when worn more full-on and give a great bold color that doesn't pull or tug on dry patches. I think I've found my new favorite liquid lipstick formula...


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