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December 11, 2015


Darphin is one of my go-to skincare ranges when I need a glow in an instant. Their 8-flower Nectar Oil Cream is more like an experience than a moisturizer; their products are seriously luxurious. The Essential Oil Elixirs are more or less their hero product, so I have been using them for about a month to see what all the talk was about. 

The oils are rich, deeply nourishing, and beautifying. Each one is created around a different essential oil, and targets a different skin concern - meaning you can create your own very specific skincare elixir by mixing the ones best suited to you. I love being able to tailor my oil cocktail to my skin's current needs, which in truth alter from day to day. Here's a breakdown of the four I've been using to create my happiest complexion yet. 

Niaouli Aromatic Care - A mattifying aromatherapy concentrate for combination to oily skin types. Niaouli helps to control excess oil production without stripping skin or leaving a greasy residue. My skin drinks this stuff in immediately and I wake up with a healthy glow the morning after using it.

Jasmine Aromatic Care - A restorative blend of essential oils for mature, hyperpigmented skin. Jasmine nourishes the skin deeply, helping to reduce signs of premature aging and promoting radiance. Ylang Ylang and iris also help to combat fine lines and make skin feel dewy and plumped.

Orange Blossom Aromatic CareAn aromatherapy essential oil treatment for sensitive skin types. It brightens, lightens, and restores balance to stressed skin. If you've had a bad reaction to a product or deal with climate change - this will bring your skin back to its happy place - and beyond.

Rose Aromatic Care - A rejuvenating aromatherapy essential oil treatment for normal skin types. Rose works to soften the skin, banish impurities and moisturize. The oil also helps to fight free-radicals, keeping skin youthful longer. A great addition to a winter skincare regimen. 

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