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December 22, 2015


I'm a bit late to the game here; but, better late than never they say. I have been testing out these products from Sunday Riley over the past few weeks, and I have to say - they've landed themselves a permanent spot in my routine. These few treatments are unlike any others I have come across, almost in a category of their own, and are extremely effective. Read on if you're looking for skincare that'll make you glow...

I used to be a devotee of Balm Cleansers, but after awhile I grew tired of spending so much time massaging them in to allow them to remove makeup - and I certainly wasn't a fan of the residue some left behind. I also only use them at night, so you can imagine just how perfect the Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm is for me. This sugar-based balm to milk cleanser is super gentle and effortlessly removes all traces of makeup - even stubborn mascara. It also contains cocoa butter and Mimosa flower wax to moisturize and blue tansy and German chamomile to soothe irritated skin. I also love how relaxing the balm is to use thanks to the inclusion of vanilla and orange essential oils; it really is zzz-inducing.

Speaking of the perfect nighttime products; Luna Sleeping Night Oil works hard after you fall asleep. This fast-absorbing retinol oil helps to reduce pore size, repair the look of damaged skin, lines, wrinkles, and promotes an overall more clear complexion. It contains a blend of potent active oils including blue tansy (to soothe effects of retinol), German chamomile, cold pressed avocado, chia, and concord grape - which, as you can imagine, have you waking up with plumped and glowing skin. I've been using it for two weeks and can't even tell you how much my skin loves this oil.

And, of course, I can't speak about Sunday Riley without mentioning their cult-classic, Good Genes. This lactic acid treatment is really, just that. Lisa Eldridge has raved about what it can do for your skin before - can a product have a more legitimate stamp-of-approval than that? The answer is no. It's a corrective treatment, that can be used as either a serum or mask, that plumps, increases circulation, and brightens for a more even and clear complexion. I'm hooked.

What are your favorites from Sunday Riley? 

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