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December 18, 2015


It's the most wonderful time of the pamper and prep for all of those last minute holiday parties you find yourself getting invited to. More often than not you're left with no time for a manicure, but fret not, there are a bevy of nail prep kits and chip-resistant polishes that will have your nails looking party-ready in no time at all. And most importantly...last for more than just one party. Here are the steps and products it takes to get there...

First, PREP - The contents of Deborah Lippmann's Cuticle Lab pretty much have you covered when it comes to a smooth canvas. With this kit, there's no need for any physical cutting, just gently push them back after applying the Cuticle Remover and voila! Follow up with some nourishing Cuticle Oil and you'll have the perfect, smooth base on which to begin applying the polish. I always find this helps to ensure the color lasts longer as well, so it's an important don't miss step.

Next, BASE - Definitely a much more important step than some may realize. I used to skip out on this part of the manicure because I had deemed it unnecessary, and sometimes, it even made it harder to paint my nails after. Enter Deborah Lippmann's array of base coats that make polish adhere and dry down to feel like there's nothing there but bare nail. My favorites are: Fast Girls (a thin base coat that dries fast and smooth), Turn Back Time (a nude ridge-filling base that works wonders for any nude mani-lovers), and Hard Rock (a strengthening base & top coat). 

Then, COLOR - My latest color obsession comes from Smith & Cult. There's been a lot of talk surrounding this niche brand recently, and for good reason. The color selection is absolutely amazing; great non-streaky nudes, like Ghost Edit, brighter options for those who like to pack a punch, and of course, glitters. My favorites are Ghost Edit (the most perfect nude that works even in one coat - no streaks!), Dirty Baby (that black with micro-glitter - I'm obsessed), Kings & Thieves (punchy, but chic royal blue), and City of Compton (an update on a girly pink). 

Last, SEAL - Can't forget the top coat! I always, always, always use a quick-dry one, but am careful which one I choose. Some fast drying top coats have a tendency to shrink, or recede from the nail edge, ruining your manicure completely. Since I don't have the patience to wait a full hour for my nails to fully dry, I rely on Deborah Lippmann's Addicted to Speed topcoat, which seals the nail and dries in minutes.

Holiday manicures sorted. What are your at-home manicure essentials?

*pr samples included.

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