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January 12, 2016


New Year, new....shampoo? Yes, actually. By now we've all heard about the possibility of our shampoo giving up on us (it stops working) after using it for an extended period of time. Like skincare, it's important to read our hair and to use intuition to tell what it needs. Like it does with our skin, different levels of oil production will affect the condition of your strands. Try a once a week clarifying shampoo, moisture-rich products in the dry months, and not-so oily products in the humid months. You feel me?

With that said, I've gone ahead and switched up my hair routine a bit. Mine was getting a bit...drab. I'm in  the midst of the awkward in-between length period of hair growth - awaiting the morning I wake up with much longer hair. Right now, it's neither long nor short, which is never the look I'm after. But, I digress. After a few weeks of using the Davines Dede Shampoo & Conditioner and the Minu Hair Mask once weekly for deep conditioning, my hair feels refreshed. Since I've made the switch it feels lighter, bouncier, and swingier with a bit more texture. 

The lightweight portion of the change can be attributed to the fact that I had been using a shampoo for adding moisture, which was weighing down my hair. This one is for normal hair, which is more closely aligned with my hair type. The new formula has helped clear buildup and breathe new life into my previously limp locks.

I think this whole change thing is going to become the new norm. 

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