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February 13, 2016


Beauty junkies have been all over the budget-friendly brand ColourPop recently. Of course, being one myself, I was keen to try the products from this fun LA-based brand too. Unfortunately, since they're not easy to get ahold of (without placing an online order) and I had never seen the products in person, the whole process of choosing what to buy was a bit of a "wing it" situation. I went a bit crazy with my order, because each item is under $10 it seemed almost a waste to place an order without trying a bit of everything. Here's a breakdown of what I tried and what I think are hits and misses...

LIPS - It's all about the matte liquid lipsticks recently and I couldn't make a purchase without trying the Ultra Matte Lips. The color range is extensive - there's bound to be something for everyone - so it was a bit difficult to whittle it down to just a few. I easily could've chosen twenty shades, but seeing as I wanted to test the formula before making such a big commitment I went for three: Solow - neutral nudey pink, Bumble - a warm nude with red undertones, and Ouiji - a bold coral red. These are by far the best budget liquid lipsticks I've yet to try and they even give some of the pricier ones a run for their money. Beware that your lips do need to be in good condition as they can be a bit drying because of how long they last, but if you're looking to build on your collection of shades this is the brand to go for. My favorite shade of the three is Solow, as it's a more pinky and wearable version of Kat Von D's Lolita and I know that Ouiji will be reached for often on summer nights. 

I also picked up two of the Lippie Sticks in sheer colors: Crunch - a coraly peach, and Juice Bar - a sort of fruit punch shade. These are great for daily wear in my opinion; they smell like candy, last for a few hours each and offer a really great variety of textures and shades. Considering the price you're paying for the quality of the products (packaging is the only noticeable downfall) I give ColourPop a huge thumbs up on lips!

CHEEKS - The Highlighters are what caught my eye initially as I've seen swatches of the bouncy-cream powders all over Pinterest in the past. I've been on a bit of a highlighter kick recently - they've even become a part of my daily routine. I'll admit I'm a bit obsessed with these because of how strange they feel when you press your finger into them. They look like a pressed powder but feel like a bouncy and cooling cream and I love the finish that the hybrid gives on the skin. I picked up four shades: Lunch Money - a pale nude champagne, Monster - an iridescent pearl white, Wisp - a gold with a peach duo chrome finish, and Butterfly Beach - a rose gold with hint of peachy sheen. I'd recommend using fingers or pressing them in with a stippling brush for best results. 

I, of course, had to try the Bronzer and Blush as well. I picked up the Bronzer in Paradise Cove - a satiny golden beige, and the Blush in Prenup - a mauve pink. I've been loving the shimmer free glow that the bronzer gives and have a feeling I'll be reaching for it even more often come the warmer months.

EYES - Saving the best for last of course, the Super Shock Shadows. I've quickly fallen in love with these cheap and cheerful pots of pigment. They are super pigmented and they brand offer so many great neutral and bronzey shades - which of course, is my weakness. These have a near-identical texture to the other powders, and I love the intensity the colors have on the eyes. I picked up seven shades, mostly neutral but some with a twist, including: Smash - a satiny warm taupe, Get Lucky - a true metallic gold, Nillionaire - metallic brown with pink shimmer, On The Rocks - a rusted bronze with flecks of violet, Sequin - rose gold with silver shimmer, Game Face - molten metal copper, and Cricket - a plum with silver shimmer. 

All in all I'm super impressed with the powder/cream hybrid textures and the longevity of the highlighters and liquid lipsticks. I most likely won't go back for more blushes or bronzers, but I will definitely be picking up more of the Super Shock Shadows and Ultra Matte Lips...any color suggestions?

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