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February 17, 2016


It's all about the glow lately in the beauty world. Glowy makeup, when done right, can look much more natural and lit-from-within than a heavy and matte makeup. Being someone with normal to combination skin (oily t-zone, normal cheeks, sometimes dry) I'm very - and I mean very - particular when it comes to glow-inducing products. I like a bit of natural-looking radiance but nothing too shimmery and definitely nothing that will accentuate an oily t-zone. You get the idea...

Being a fan of pretty much every previous Giorgio Armani base launch (they are seriously good), I was dying to test out the new Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup. It's a bi-phase formula marketed as a 'tinted serum' that needs shaking before use and is extremely thin in texture. The formula is intensely pigmented, so just two or three drops creates a flawless coverage...and man, does this stuff blend like a dream. Application truly feels more like a skincare product than a foundation and my skin is really able to breathe through the product in the same manner. I love that it offers good coverage, yet doesn't look like a mask on the skin - something I attribute to the oil phase of the foundation's formula. It keeps my complexion feeling soft, looking radiant in a natural way (no detectable shimmer), and not at all greasy throughout the day. My skin typically eats up foundation - which can leave things looking patchy - but with Maestro Glow I find it fuses with my skin the longer I wear it. It's really a beauty of a foundation.

In terms of shade range, with Armani foundations I'm typically a shade 3 (winter) or 4 (summer), but with these the shades seem a bit darker than usual. What's good is that, quite opposite of the other foundations in the line, instead of oxidizing on the skin and darkening throughout the day, they blend out a bit lighter than they look in the bottle. My perfect shade right now is a mixture of 2 and 4, but as soon as I see the sun 4 will suit me perfectly

This foundation is unlike any other I own and lends a beautiful, sheeny light to medium coverage that is perfect for daily wear. Application is best done with fingers or a brush, as the BeautyBlender eats up the majority of the product. If you are feeling adventurous - amp up the glow with one of Armani's Fluid Sheers as well - it's stunning stuff. That being said, I think I've found my new foundation love...

*pr samples included.

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