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March 08, 2016


Getting yourself in gear for spring is the best way to increase your productivity come the new season. Spring cleaning isn't just for your closet - and while that does help you to save time and get organized, you shouldn't limit yourself to cleaning just that. The change of weather is the perfect time to lighten up, get organized, simplify and keep on top of everything that needs to get done. I have a few tips that I use when things start to get a bit crazy to help de-stress and get my affairs back in order so that I can enjoy the beautiful new season and all that comes with it. Some may seem obvious, but at least for me, sometimes it's these things that make the most difference. 
  1. Add Green to Your Routine - By green, I mean both physically and in the eco-friendly sense of the word. Celebrate the beauty in the change of seasons by keeping fresh flowers around, eating more fruits and vegetables (now that they're in season there's no excuse) and adding more natural beauty products to your routine. 
  2. Revamp Your Beauty Kit - Spring cleaning rears its head in all forms and is one of my favorite times to change things up beauty-wise. While you should change up your skincare and add more natural-based products wherever possible, also freshen up the colors and textures in your makeup bag. If you're like me, this doesn't mean you have to buy all new products - you probably already have what you need in your stash. Pick up a lighter, more mattifying base that's appropriate for the warmer weather, add some cream blush and bronzer and a punchy lip and you'll feel brighter and better in no time.
  3. Declutter - Getting rid of junk you don't use is a hot topic right now, but it really is something that you should do every season to avoid a buildup of clutter. It feels good to rid your home of things you don't use or need and make room for change both physically and emotionally. If you haven't reached for something - be it a shirt or beauty product - in the last 6 months, you probably never will. 
  4. Get Away - Now's the time to take advantage of the weather changing and get away. Whether you have time to take a lengthier trip, or not, you can still make time for a weekend away. Go somewhere new and explore so that you can return to your routine refreshed, relaxed, and with a new perspective. 
  5. List and Categorize - Another way that works to organize and clear your mind is to make lists. Categorize what needs to get done by topic and deadline and tick things off as you go. This way you feel as though you're getting everything out of your head and onto paper and you can then tackle each task as you come to it. Spend a day on cleaning, a day on something else, and no matter what make sure that you're making time to get outside and enjoy the weather. 
How do you get ahead and stay productive during the change of seasons?

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