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March 22, 2016


Jo Malone's seasonal fragrance releases are some I think the entire beauty community (and world) anxiously awaits the launch of each year. We have finally reached that point in 2016 with an amazing new collection of Jo Malone spring scents inspired by a day in a blossoming English herb garden. Drawing inspiration from fresh foliage, flowers, and fruit...this collection is filled with surprising combinations of our favorites from the garden for an experience that is an "aromatic artistry of herbs; verdant, crisp, juicy and sweet." The scents are meant to be worn alone, as they are already deliciously complex and unique, or they can be layered up with any of the other fragrances in the collection. Get your gardener wellies ready and take a stroll through Jo Malone's Herb Garden with me...

Sorrel & Lemon Thyme - A sparkling zest of lemon wakes up a bright bouquet of bigarade and petitgrain, gently exposing the herbaceous heart of sorrel, lemon thyme and rosemary. To me, this scent is very bright and fresh and has a woody base to it that grounds it and gives it longevity. This is one that helps perk you up when you're feeling groggy and that would be perfect for a pick-me-up on a warm day.

Wild Strawberry & Parsley - The peppery bite of flat-leaf parsley and tang of tomato leaves mingle with ripe blackcurrant before a delicate note of wild strawberry adds sweetness. To me, this scent is soft and sweet with a bit of an unexpected earthy twist that makes it something quite special. The green, somewhat spicy part of this scent, means that you get to experience not only the fruit, but the surrounding earth, the flowers and the foliage of the plant.

Nasturtium & Clover - Carpets of cool clover cut with peppery rocket get bright and fresh with a compliment of sparkling lemon. Nasturtium blooms at the core, entwined with jasmine petals. To me, this scent is green, bright and zesty in nature. It's clean and rounded out by a beautiful jasmine note that's sensual, yet helps to perfectly balance the peppery and lemon notes.

Carrot Blossom & Fennel - A hybrid of refinement and whimsy, the first impression of just-ripe carrot entwined with fresh fennel immediately hooks with a distinctive twist. To me, this scent is unexpectedly sweet and mossy with a delicate floral side. I love the way it has an almost licorice-twist thanks to the notes of fennel - my favorite of the bunch.

Lavender & Coriander - A garden state of mind takes over the senses when a refreshing blend of English and French lavender opens the aromatic gates with a jumpstart of striking coriander. To me, this scent is soothing and somewhat masculine in the best possible way. I also love that the base note of tonka bean gives it a sexy vanilla and cinnamon-like appeal that make it far from your ordinary lavender scent.

All are beautifully reminiscent of a day spent outdoors surrounded by fresh spring blooms, fruits, and earthy greens - but what I love most about this collection is the unexpected combinations. Each scent is unique and unlike anything else in my collection. Whether you enjoy soft and sweet scents, leafy greens, or zesty sparkling ones - you will find something in this collection to make you swoon. My personal favorites from the collection actually ended up being quite different from what I expected. The Carrot Blossom & Fennel and Nasturtium & Clover have quickly become my go-to garden inspired scents and I even love the somewhat masculine side that the Lavender & Coriander offers. 

Which is your favorite from the collection?

*pr samples included.

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