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March 02, 2016


Niche fragrance brand Odin New York has recently launched a swoon-worthy bevy of deconstructed floral scents just in time for a spring change up. It's called the 'White Line' and was born out of the brand's desire to represent the more feminine side of the house with scents that were both clean and simple. But, you'd be wrong to think that these were your average "florals for spring...groundbreaking" type fragrances. These particular florals were inspired by the scents from each part of the flower - stems, leaves, bouquets, and blossoms. 

As a lover of rose fragrances, I was definitely intrigued by the scent Milieu Rosa in particular. This is described as a fragrance "characterized through overlapping layers of petals from top to bottom. Equally bright, soft, sweet and woodsy, this luminous floral composition blends spicy Moroccan Rose, delicate Rose de Mai and honeyed Turkish Rose Otto with an everlasting sheerness that portrays a hidden rosarium in the distance.

Top Notes: Moroccan Rose, Raspberry, Cassis, Mimosa

Middle Notes: Rose de Mai, Geranium, Jasmine, Litsea Cubeba Oil

Base Notes: Turkish Rose Otto, Amber Woods, Oak Leaves, Vetiver

This is definitely a unique rose scent in the sense that it's sparkling and multi-faceted, and I love how it changes throughout the day. It definitely isn't your typical powdery rose - it has a more fresh green floral vibe to it than I had expected which makes it versatile and more unique. I like a hint of masculinity to my fragrances, and when this fragrance settles it becomes soft, a bit sweet, and definitely warm and woody thanks to the base notes of oak and vetiver. I think that this is an incredible fragrance for year round wear thanks to its perfect balance of floral, earthy, and sweet notes that make it light enough for spring and summer and warm enough for the colder months. For me, there's a bit of an addictive quality to this that has me reaching for it time and time again, as it's unlike any other floral fragrance I own. There's nothing old-fashioned about this rose...

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