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March 13, 2016


If you haven't noticed over on my instagram (@necessarynothings), I'm currently somewhere a bit warmer than home sweet home on the East Coast. Finally. So there's no better time than the present to update you on the products that made it into my in-flight beauty kit.

By now we all know that skin takes quite a beating in the moisture department where air travel is concerned. Though, it's safe to say we want to land and look fresh - not hungover - and in truth, it does take a few failsafe products to get us from point A (dehydrated, unhappy skin city) to B (glowy, moisturized, and presentable). 

I don't tend to perform my entire skincare routine from my seat because I need to make sure hydration is what I achieve - not greasiness. I'll usually go foundation-free, and instead, opt for spot concealing so when I get situated I can remove excess face makeup (I leave on my eye makeup) and go from there. For this I rely on my Simple Makeup Remover Pads, really because they're unfussy, fragrance free, and get the job done. And although I'm never one to reach for wipes in any form, this is my one exception. 

I immediately follow up by treating my makeup-free complexion to a hydrating face mist. I opt for one hat has anti-inflammatory, soothing, and moisturizing benefits - so the MV Organics Rose Hydrating Mist is the perfect choice. It leaves my skin feeling so balanced and comfortable, but beware because it's quite addictive! This is also the point at which I slather the By Terry Baume de Rose on my dry lips and cuticles. 

A hydrating mask is what you'll need to seal in moisture and make sure dryness doesn't creep in, but it can be difficult to find one that's acceptable to use in public. There's only one mask that makes the cut for airplane travel in broad daylight and that is the Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask. It's perfect because it's completely clear and sinks into the skin, and doesn't require washing off at the end (you don't want to be using airplane bathroom water on your face) - you can allow it to soak in completely or just tissue off excess. 

To replenish lost moisture in the eye area, I apply Tatcha Luminous Deep Hyrdration Firming Eye Serum with the cooling ceramic tip mid-flight. It gives a boost of silky moisture and also brightens up any darkness in my under eye area. Of course, after using a hydrating mask I like to seal in moisture in the most natural and effective way possible - an organic face oil. Right now I'm loving the Kypris Beauty Elixir I for replenishing nutrients and rebalancing my complexion. This stuff gives a serious glow and the scent is light, but oh so soothing. Skincare oils in general have completely changed my skin and they're my hydration method of choice - in the air and on land.

What are your in-flight beauty essentials?

*pr samples included.

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