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April 11, 2016


It's no secret that brows are to the face what frames are to a photograph. I've long been against that super unnatural concealer-rimmed block brow look, and always have opted for a more natural brow - even if that means they look less than perfect. Remember, brows are sisters...not twins. I really wonder who it is that quoted that first - pretty clever, no? Anyway, they were right. And once you can accept that they will never look identical then you can move on and work toward each arch looking its' individual best, and as similarly shaped as possible. Trust me, I speak from experience here as I've long dealt with a missing piece of eyebrow (thanks, scar) and have learnt how to balance them out without overplucking, overshaping, or overdoing it in the product department. Here are my 6 best tips to achieving your (not Cara Delevingne's) best brows ever...
  1. Pluck, don't wax. This is the only way you can maintain precise control over which hairs go and which stay. It's sometimes only a few carefully remaining hairs that make all the difference to the overall shape and fullness of the brows. 
  2. Limit the number of hairs you take each week. To two, maybe three from each brow. Yes, it takes some self control but the less often you pluck, the less often you will have to, as the follicle's growth cycle will reset itself. This will also help prevent over plucking, leaving brows with more time to become fuller. 
  3. Don't fight the natural direction of the hair. Use a spoolie to brush hairs in the direction that they grow naturally. I, for one, have always wanted fluffy, brushed up brows. But it just doesn't work for me, as it's not the direction my hairs fall naturally. One of the best ways to see this is when the hairs are wet - brush them until they settle into their rightful place. They will look their best and probably fullest this way.
  4. Don't use a color that's too dark. It ends up looking too harsh, and therefore obvious. If you have dark brows already, you're better off choosing a shade that's one lighter than your hair color, and preferably on the ashier side of the spectrum unless you're a natural redhead. 
  5. Leave the front of the brows bare. Unless, of course, you have a scar to fill in. This makes the brow look more natural, because nobody's brows start out at an exact 90 degree angle (the dreaded block brow). Instead of making yourself look angry and older, brush up the baby hairs at the front and leave them bare for a fuller, more youthful look.
  6. Have your go-to product arsenal at the ready. And know how to layer them properly, without overdoing any one product. I tend to just use a pencil, then a gel to set them as I find I have the most control this way to create hair-like strokes. If you do use multiple products, I've heard that the appropriate order is pencil, pomade, powder, and then gel. My go-to brow products don't change often (unlike my other beauty products - ha!) and include: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Soft Brown, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Medium Brown, Glossier Boy Brow in Brown, L'Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper in Transparent, Tweezerman Slanted Tweezers, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #14
What are your tips for caring for your brows? Would love to know your tips and tricks.


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