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May 19, 2016


It's been quite some time since I've raved about a palette in the face category. Eyeshadow palettes are all fun and good, and to be honest...they're easy because they curate colors for you (usually). I love a good variety when it comes to shadow shades and I'm not bummed when there's a shade or two that doesn't float my boat. However, when it comes to face products (i.e. blushes, bronzers, highlighters, powders) I am a bit more hesitant to say the least. It takes two hands for me to count how many such palettes I own and in which my brush never graces more than one shade. Now, something about the design of this By Terry palette (and 5 star ratings) caught my eye, and now here I am with own glowing review. Pun intended...

The By Terry Sun Designer Palette (I have the shade 2 - Light & Tan Vibes) includes everything you could need in a palette to achieve a dreamy summer glow. I was a bit hesitant when it came time to purchase this because of the size and shape of each pan - I was worried that no brush could finagle its' way through the zig-zag pans of powder without messing with their neighbor. To my surprise and delight, I was wrong. A tapered powder brush navigates its' way perfectly through the maze without tainting the other shades, and the colors work so beautifully together it wouldn't matter if they did mix. But the real reason I love this palette is because the quality of the powders themselves is beyond anything I've every experienced before. 

The texture is as finely milled as silk and each feels almost airy to the touch. I love that in this palette the texture is consistent with each shade, no matter if it has shimmer or a satiny finish in appearance. There isn't a shade in this palette that I don't love. I have fair, but slightly olive-toned skin that I don't allow to tan due to SPF and these powders give me the exact type of subtle warmth and glow I want this time of the year. It includes 6 shades in total: a warm nude highlight, a rose-hued blush with subtle golden shimmer, a champagne highlight, a satin nude powder, a satin mauve powder, and a tan bronzer with flecks of golden shimmer. 

I've been wearing these shades alone and mixed for a beautiful, healthy, lit-from-within sunkissed glow. It's a great palette for travel because of the many options and versatility, and I will definitely be packing this for my upcoming trip to the Mediterranean. It's a definite investment, but there is a hefty amount of product in the palette and it includes everything you need for a beautiful summer look.

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