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June 29, 2016


You know me - skincare addicted - and proud. I love testing out a new line only to find some standby products to tackle a certain skin concern. But, I especially enjoy doing so if said line is ingredient conscious, or better yet, organic. So it's safe to say that True Botanicals caught my eye, and not just for the minimal-chic packaging...I swear. The line is based on the belief that by delivering the highest quality, all natural (marine and plant-based) ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin we can fight the causes of aging and skin damage right where they start. I put a few of their bestsellers to the test and am loving the ritual of using such healthy products on my skin, and it shows

Pacific Face Serum - This little bottle of goodness has helped smooth the texture of my skin so much so that I've been able to use much less foundation and concealer in recent weeks. It's like a daily multi-vitamin for the face, and I love how lightweight it is to apply. When it goes on it feels like a soothing, vitamin-packed drink for the skin, and yet, it contains no water whatsoever, so you're getting higher concentrations of the good stuff. Neroli, green tea, sea kelp, tuberose, and jasmine give the skin a boost of for an intensely hydrating, smoothing, and softening result. It is so easy to add into your routine as well, as it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and makes for great layering.

Pacific Mist - You know how much I love the misting step in my skincare routine. Think of mists as toners done 21st century style - quick, pleasing, and easy. They help prep the skin for what's to come and keep moisture levels high without adding an unnecessary additional layer. This one smells incredible - just like neroli, it soothes the skin (and mind!) and leaves it feeling plumper and dewier. I find this is a step I look forward to in my daily routine, I've been using it twice daily and my skin feels comforted and well hydrated. 

Pacific Eye Serum - This is quite an exciting new discovery for me, as I've never tried an eye serum like this one before. It feels like a lightweight oil, and I love how the tired skin around my eyes just drinks it right up. It contains tuberose stem cells to reduce puffiness and fine lines, cucumber seed oil to strengthen skin's lipid barrier, carrot seed oil to reduce inflammation, and a bevy of other amazing ingredients. I've been using it for a few weeks now and love how smooth and tight my skin feels, not to mention how well makeup applies overtop. This is a real gem...

Have you tried True Botanicals before?

*pr samples included.

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