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August 18, 2016


Lately, I feel like I'm swimming in an endless, deep sea of skincare products. And quite honestly, I'm drowning. There are a few fast-working, no-questions-asked products in my routine that I do continuously use - no matter what other products hit my bathroom shelf. But, aside from those, how can I tell which products work, which ones I truly need, and which ones are just duplicates that are getting in the way of my true routine's efficacy? I've finally decided to be more ruthless in the skincare category. I don't need 179 different skincare products to maintain my skin, when in reality I use just a few each morning and evening to get the job done. I streamlined my skincare routine and have since found my skin much happier, the overall process of choosing products much less stressful and wasteful. So, I'm sharing just how I went about doing this and how I've reached routine nirvana.

First, categorize products by mapping out when you use them and what you need them for. Then, figure out what they specifically do. I found it easiest to break it down like this: 

Morning Routing Focus = Protecting Skin. A solid daytime routine should include a gently cleanser, toner, essence, serum, and moisturizer/sunscreen. Of course, target each product to your skin type, making sure it contains ingredients compatible to your skin's needs. 

Evening Routine Focus = Treating Skin. A solid nightime routine should include a makeup removing cleanser (if your morning one does this, stick with it), toner, essence, serum, moisturizer, and prescription products (retinoid, salicylic acid treatment).

Extras = Targeting Concerns as Needed. This arsenal of products is for a once-weekly boost, and, of course, skin emergencies and is very much situational. Read your skin and it's needs and you'll be able to choose from the products you have on hand when necessary. This includes masks, spot treatments, peels, exfoliators, pigment lighteners, etc.

Of course, as a beauty blogger, I'm still finding ways to streamline the mass amount of products I'm always testing. What, with weekly favorites it's quite hard to do. But all in all, I've found that my daily routine really only needs to consist of a few really hard-working products that work for me. Sometimes trends only get you so far, you've got to tune yourself into your skin and listen to what it needs...and you're halfway there.

What are your tips to streamlining your skincare (or makeup) routine?

*pr samples included.

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