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August 02, 2016


Makeup in convenient, "off-duty" style is becoming a big trend. Why wouldn't it, though? We're all after easier-to-use, more portable, and effective products that give us that cool-girl, yourself but better look. Maybe I'm late to the game with these products, but while perusing the Urban Outfitters beauty section these two particular gems from Milk Makeup stood out to me. A dual purpose berry lip and cheek stain and an iridescent highlight stick? Count me in...

Milk Makeup Holograph Stick in Supernova - Just look at that swatch. I have amassed quite a few highlighting products over the past months, but none more otherworldly than this one. The name Holograph Stick is really very appropriate; when swiped on the skin the gel like formula glistens and morphs from silver, to periwinkle, to lavender and radiates a glow that looks not unlike you've just stepped out of a sci-fi fairytale. I love how this melts into the skin and really makes cheekbones stand out without any noticeable shimmer - just iridescent glow.

Milk Makeup Lip & Cheek Color in Quickie - This blush and lip color stick is a standout amongst my collection chock full of similar products. It's hydrating and uber-pigmented, yet looks sheer on the skin. You'll look like you've just eaten berries that stained your lips naturally...or just went for a run on a crisp autumn afternoon and were left blushing. It's the best kind of color in my opinion, and I'm obsessed with it to the point that it's become a handbag mainstay already for its' multitude of uses.

Any other Milk Makeup products you've tried that are must-haves?

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