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October 10, 2016


Is this an exhausted topic? To be honest, even so, I am still not over it. To me, French girl beauty is still the epitome of chic and, of course, natural. I've been really into looks lately that involve a smooth and beautiful skin (no heavy foundation, here), one statement feature, and then the rest natural. This, to me, is also very French. Don't be afraid to wear a pop of color, or to use smudgy textures in your makeup, especially when the majority of the look is natural. Here are the five most important items to keep in your beauty arsenal to create a French-girl inspired look in a pinch:
  1. A Radiance Mask - What could be more French than Sisley? Once you cross over to using their products, nothing compares. I love the Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask for the ultimate quick radiance boost and skin softening hydration. The red clay base also helps to remove impurities but doesn't dry the skin. This is an all time favorite mask of mine, and of chic French girls.
  2. A Hydrating Serum - Darphin is another classic French skincare brand. I rely on their products for lightweight hydration, so that there are never too many layers of product built up on my skin. This Hydraskin Intense Skin Hydrating Serum plumps and smooths my skin to perfection, creating a great base for makeup.
  3. A Pop of Color - I tend to stick to barely noticeable jewel-toned pops of color on the eyes, or opt for a bold lip. I recommend trying a bold cream shadow, like this classic Sephora Colorful Shadow & Liner in Khaki. It's the perfect metallic hue that enhances my eye color. Purples are also beautiful, and there's nothing quite like garnet or rusty tones for blue eyes.
  4. A "Your Lips But Better Color" - Like I said, the French focus on enhancing one feature at a time. That means, if they do a bolder look on the eye, they will typically opt for a natural lip enhancer. I love the Dior Lip Glow Pomade for exactly that reason; it enhances the shape of your natural lips while providing a custom tint that develops to your ideal pink in seconds.
  5. A Tinted Sun Cream - (a BB, CC, or other tint will work too) French women are all about a lightweight, natural looking base. They tend to focus more on actual skincare than on what they're putting on top to cover imperfections. When I want clean, fresh, natural looking skin I reach for the Guerlain Orchidée Impériale The UV Beauty Protector. Not only does it provide a skin-evening veil of coverage protect skin from the sun, but it also contains a UV and pollution defense shield which prevents aging and increases radiance. Oui!
*pr samples included.

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