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October 18, 2016


If there's any season change that gets me really excited for a makeup bag switch-up, it's fall. The look I love changes from year to year, and of course, tends to focus on highlighting one feature in a warm rich shade. It's obvious that right now, I'm all about a bold lip. I know what you're thinking; cue Miranda Priestly and sing it with me, "Bold lips for fall? Groundbreaking." Here are the four steps I'm currently taking to modernize the classic look and to give it a bit of added oomph...
  1. GOING SATIN - I'm jumping off the all over dewy (slightly tacky-in-finish) foundation bandwagon and onto the satin train. Once the temperatures drop I can finally layer up on the moisturizer, and therefore, start using a more satin-matte textured foundation again. I'm still a fan of the Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation (used sparingly), as it gives a translucent, soft finish when applied with fingers. It's more porcelain doll, and less post-gym than summer makeup.
  2. SUBTLE HIGHLIGHT - I'm not talking about full on strobing. In my opinion, highlighter should not be applied everywhere on the face. Disagree? Dip your face in a pot of glitter and walk into the sun - then tell me it's a good look. Instead, I'm all for a bit of a finely-milled powder highlight (I used Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed in Moonstone) buffed into the tops of cheekbones where the light hits naturally. It should be barely there, but make you radiant.
  3. WARM, BUT SHEER SHADOW - I'm loving a warm, medium brown shade lately, as I think it really works well with the tones of the season. Burberry Wet & Dry Eyeshadow in Almond is the perfect hue for adding a tiny bit of socket definition without having to go overboard on chalky shadows.
  4. BRUSHED-UP BROWS - My brows are pretty stubborn in their direction, but I love the effect of a bold brow paired with a bold lip. The most natural way to achieve a thicker looking brow isn't by drawing a block shape and coloring it in with brow pomade. Instead, try a fibrous gel like Benefit Gimme Brow and then fill in sparse areas only where needed - you should still be able to see skin through the brow hairs. 
  5. A BERRY OMBRÉ LIP - You heard right. I am giving the classic autumn lip shade added dimension and a twist by dabbing a lighting tone in the center of the lips. This trick also keeps a matte lipstick from looking too one-dimensional. I'm also a fan of this season's slightly more moisturizing take on matte formulas, like the Clinique Pop Liquid Lip Color + Primer. These are rich in pigment, but don't dry up the lips like some others tend to. Here I'm using the shades Boom Pop and Cake Pop, my two favorites. 
What changes are you making to your makeup routine this season?

*pr samples included.

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