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October 31, 2016


I don't straighten my hair too often anymore, so my straightener tends to be used more for adding beachy waves than anything else these days. Sometimes, though, I'm in a hurry and my thick, straight hair needs a bit of touching up before I can walk out the door. Recently, I've been using this Jade Straightening Brush from Irresistible me to add some sleek body to my hair and bend the ends a bit for a bit of a face-framing touch. 

The brush itself is extremely easy to use. It's a ceramic straightening brush with an adjustable temperature button that goes up to 450ºF and uses tourmaline coated bristles to heat style hair much faster than your average straightener. What I love best is that I can tell, because I'm not clenching my hair so harshly between two plates, that it's not damaging my hair. To use the straightening brush, I just pass small sections through the bristles like I would a regular hair brush, slowing down when I get to the ends and bending them in or out, to achieve a blow-out look. 

I think this brush is a great tool to add to any hairstyling arsenal. Have you tried a straightening brush before?

*pr samples included.

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