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November 28, 2016

Master Palette By Mario: The Perfect Fall Palette?

I took a bit of a break from the palette world over the past few months...and I guess you could say a heavy eye makeup hiatus altogether. I had been doing a swipe of liner or eyeshadow crayon before running out the door and that's it. But, when the cold weather came back at us full force, I flipped a switch yet again. Suddenly I'm all about eyeshadow again, and there's one palette in particular that has been floating my boat...

It's unsurprisingly the Anastasia Beverly Hills The Master Palette By Mario. With its mix of warm bronze, garnet and gilded jewel tones, this palette covers pretty much any fall-inspired look I could ever dream of creating. The formulas are buttery smooth, both with the matte and shimmers alike, and all the shades pair well together, no matter which you choose. I love that there's a blue and green in there as well, but neither are so bold that they're unwearable. I find that aside from one more medium-to-dark matte brown shade, this palette contains the perfect array of modern neutrals suitable for the colder months and even beyond. 

Have you tried this palette yet?

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