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December 24, 2016

Packing For Ireland In The Winter

My boyfriend and I leave for Ireland on Monday (so excited - recommendations welcome!) and I've been spending the day trying to complete the majority of my packing. There are pros and cons to packing before Christmas; one pro being that I can enjoy the holiday without the stress of it looming over my head, and one con being that I will still need to squeeze in the items that I'm getting as gifts after I've already zipped up my suitcase. But, that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make because I've been told that packing for Ireland needs a bit more strategic thinking than an average trip to Europe. The thought of experiencing "multiple season's weather in just an afternoon" may sound exciting, but it means you better be smart when it comes to packing. Temperature wise, I know it can't be as cold as Connecticut, but it might fluctuate layers are key here. I'm crossing my fingers that I have a bit of luck when it comes to that, and I even packed a few lighter jackets just in case. 

I decided this time to share what I'm packing clothing-wise because I surprisingly have heard of a few people who are also planning trips to Ireland in upcoming months. So, whether you'll be visiting Ireland too, or somewhere else this holiday season I hope this list helps you with your packing! (It also helps that many similar items are on sale right now - gotta love holiday shopping!) 
Safe travels and happy holidays!


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