April 17, 2017

April Skin & Haircare Loves

This month I've discovered quite a few new products in the skincare and haircare categories that I just can't get enough of. I absolutely love skincare and have really learned which products my skin responds best to over the past year or two, so it's easy to cherry-pick what will work. 

The Oribe skin and body care ranges are something that I've been loving lately, and after a longtime love affair with their haircare products, it's no surprise. The Cote D'Azur Restorative Body Crème is intensive and rich, but also smells heavenly. If you're a fan of the brand's Dry Texturizing Spray, you will think you've reached body lotion nirvana when you smell this cream. I've been relying on it to get my skin back into shape now that we've had nicer weather. For face, the Oribe Radiant Drops Golden Face Oil creates an envy-inducing glow that's perfect for days when you want to go light on makeup. I like that this one is deeply nourishing, and doesn't just disappear completely when you apply it; you can feel that it's truly doing its job. At nighttime, the Oribe Night Ceremony Ultra Rich Cream provides an overnight skin-boosting treatment that helps my skin to look more rested and smooth. I love the bouncy, fresh texture that it has, and how it doesn't leave my skin feeling like I'm wearing any heavy layers. 

There's also the Darphin Intral Air Mousse Cleanser, which is a new favorite product from a long-time favorite brand. This soft, airy cleanser wipes away all impurities and makeup with ease and leaves my skin feeling clean, hydrated and soothed. 

As for a product that I've been loving using as an instant fix, the Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer has fast become a staple in my everyday routine. I love that this blurs imperfections, but does so in a way that doesn't leave a thick film overtop the skin. Instead, it glides over blemishes and pores while hydrating lightly, providing the perfect canvas on which to apply makeup.

In the haircare department, the Aveda Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner is a strange but amazing product that I've become completely addicted to as of late. At first I didn't quite understand how it worked, but it's really quite simple. It's designed to be used in conjunction with dry shampoo, or on its own to detangle and soften dry hair between washes. Just a light spray of this through the mid-lengths of the hair gives a just-washed clean feeling and a soft, swishy texture. I am obsessed

Have you tried any of these products yet?

*pr samples included. 

April 10, 2017

Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet

Lip products are one of my favorite ways to have fun with makeup. It's easy to add a pop of color to the lips without overdoing it on the rest of your makeup, and I especially love bolder colors done in matte finishes. It can, however, be difficult to find a good matte lip color that lasts, but doesn't dry out your lips or look overdone in broad daylight. In my opinion, certain makeup trends are best kept to instagram selfies, but luckily, Burberry's new Liquid Lip Velvet isn't one of them.

These matte liquid lip colors pack a serious pigment punch, but still manage to glide over the lips feeling like plush velvet. The color can be worn more full on, or blended into the lips for a stain that lasts all day. I love using these for both purposes, and love how either way, they don't create a dry, tight, or overdone look that so many liquid lipsticks can. Think of these as next generation liquid lip colors.

If you're a fan of Burberry makeup, you already know how well they nail color ranges when it comes to their products; each shade is wearable and classic, yet still unique. The three shown here are Oxblood, Bright Plum and Fawn, all of which are stunning. I love Fawn for an everyday nude, as it looks gorgeous blended into the lips for a barely there finish, while Bright Plum and Oxblood create bolder statements, but also look amazing as brighter stains.

Have you tried these yet?

*pr samples included.

April 06, 2017

Absolute Game Changers

I know that with the amount of products on the market it can be quite (okay, very) difficult to decipher which will end up being the best for you. And, it's not exactly efficient to spend until we do discover the one. That's why when I come across a product makes me scratch my head and wonder, "where have you been all my life", I know I have to share.

Needless to say, that is exactly how I felt when I tried out the Artis brushes for the first time recently. I know you're thinking, she's awfully late to the party...but that only means if you haven't tried them yet so are you. 😬

I know that these look awfully intimidating (toothbrushes for your face, anyone?), but I swear, they are the exact opposite. These are absolutely amazing and blend every single type of product into the skin like for a silken effect. It's mind-boggling how you can dip them into powders, liquids, creams, and even glosses and then glide them across their respective application zones with ease.

The soft fibers are densely packed and don't eat up endless product (I'm looking at you Beauty Blender) and I actually enjoy applying my foundation again now that I am using these. My skin looks fresher, my makeup looks more natural and blended - I can't believe what a difference these make.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in a few of these and you won't be sorry. My favorites are the Elite Mirror 3 Brush Set and the Palm Brush.

I am in love.

April 02, 2017

How To Get Your Glow Back After Winter

With the spring weather finally rolling in, we're all stuck wondering how on Earth we're going to get back our summer glow. It's been missing for what feels like ages (and probably was ages), but I must say that there are a few products that can get the job done in much less time than a whole summer. The best way to get glowing quickly is...

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad - I'll admit, it would usually be hard to convince me to use self-tanning products on my face. I'm not one who can pull off an overly bronzed look very easily; but these exfoliating wipes smooth the skin's surface while adding a light dose of healthy color. When I need to look alive and well rested - like I just got back from a quick trip to the tropics - I will use one of these. Trust me, all girls should keep these stocked for emergency situations.

Oribe Radiant Drops - This golden face oil gives the skin just what you'd expect it to - a quick hit of intensive moisture that is instantly absorbed into the skin but provides lasting effects. When I need my skin to glow, I use a healthy few drops of this oil before bed and wake up with plumper, healthier looking skin.

Tata Harper Illuminating Eye Cream - There's nothing that takes away a glow quite like tired eyes. This eye cream by Tata Harper is one of my absolute favorites, because, not only does it moisturize - it also gives a dewy luminous look to the area. Talk about an instant fix!

Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist - I'm always one who loves a face mist for revitalizing. This vitamin packed one from Pixi includes a bevy of brightening vitamins for a great pick-me-up mid day. I like to use it before and after makeup for an extra natural, awakened look.

Would you try these steps to bring back that healthy warm-weather look?
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