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April 06, 2017

Absolute Game Changers

I know that with the amount of products on the market it can be quite (okay, very) difficult to decipher which will end up being the best for you. And, it's not exactly efficient to spend until we do discover the one. That's why when I come across a product makes me scratch my head and wonder, "where have you been all my life", I know I have to share.

Needless to say, that is exactly how I felt when I tried out the Artis brushes for the first time recently. I know you're thinking, she's awfully late to the party...but that only means if you haven't tried them yet so are you. 😬

I know that these look awfully intimidating (toothbrushes for your face, anyone?), but I swear, they are the exact opposite. These are absolutely amazing and blend every single type of product into the skin like for a silken effect. It's mind-boggling how you can dip them into powders, liquids, creams, and even glosses and then glide them across their respective application zones with ease.

The soft fibers are densely packed and don't eat up endless product (I'm looking at you Beauty Blender) and I actually enjoy applying my foundation again now that I am using these. My skin looks fresher, my makeup looks more natural and blended - I can't believe what a difference these make.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in a few of these and you won't be sorry. My favorites are the Elite Mirror 3 Brush Set and the Palm Brush.

I am in love.

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