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June 11, 2017


A few years ago, a basic blow-dry (without a brush!!) was just about as much of a "hairstyle" that I could wrap my head around. I hated the thought of spending time on my hair, and the shorter shoulder-sweeping style I had was swishy enough to handle a simpler 'do. Flash forward three years, and probably ten more inches of hair, and here I am: that girl who "does" her hair every time she washes it. I have to say, those years of dreading styling were really for nothing. I now give myself loose waves on most days, and let me tell you: after you've learned a few tricks it's really not so bad. Here is what I recommend to make your hair routine as enjoyable as possible...

1) Wait it Out: Seriously, just wait a minute! Letting your hair air dry for as long as possible before heat-styling it makes the whole process seem much less daunting. Arm yourself with that hair dryer when your hair is only half wet, and the seven-or-so minutes that it will take is not that bad. It's also nice to think that you're not harming your hair as much when you do it this way. 

2) Use the Right Products For Your Hair Type: I used to want to use any and every hair product possible. With my thick, fine hair, I'd reach for the heavy oils and volumizers that only aided in weighing things down even more. I'd use conditioners that were near impossible to fully remove from my hair in an effort to get "shinier" locks; trust me, I tried it all. What I've realized over the years, though, is that it's best to stick with what works for you. Now I don't waste precious time or money over-applying product only to end up worse off that I had started. 

3) Invest in Proper Styling Tools: I avoided purchasing "grown-up" hot tools for so long because of their hefty price tags. In reality, though, over the course of ten years, I probably purchased 8 straighteners (at $100 a piece - ouch!) and 5 hair dryers...when I could have invested in higher quality tools that would last. I now use (and love) my GHD tools so much. Not only do they cut down on styling time, but they have already lasted me two years of near-daily use and kept my hair in better condition.

4) Learn a Few Techniques and Master Them: Don't focus on all the hairstyles that you can't do. Find a few great styles that suit your hair type and style and really take the time to master them. You will end up having a "signature" look that you can get done in about 20 minutes flat every time. Trust me - you'll thank me later!

What are your tips for styling your hair? 

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