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June 28, 2017

Scent Stories: Fragrance Picks for Men

A few weeks back, with Father's Day approaching, I thought about what to gifts to pick up for a few of the Father's in my family. I know some may call it cliché, but I've always gravitated toward fragrance as a foolproof gift option. The only issue is actually choosing said scents when the time came; especially when it's something for the opposite sex and something so...personal. While the holiday has came and gone, there are still quite a few birthdays just around the corner for which I know I will choosing more scents as gifts. In the past, I've garnered the help of a few male & female volunteers who really know their scents. But now, I've looked to the professionals, or more specifically, the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) for advice, and these very fragrances were award-winners of the CEW Beauty Awards. Yes, the organization who virtually leads the conversation in beauty has hand chosen these scents as top of their class. 

1) L'Homme Prada - A layered, amber-meets-iris scent whose main notes are juxtaposed by fresher, floral notes of neroli and patchouli. It's both sensual and distinct at the same time; certainly one that will leave a lasting impression.

2) Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano V - Pine, pepper and patchouli combine to create a seriously tempting, yet classic fragrance that seems to draw the wearer close to nature. Don't be fooled by the inclusion of patchouli, though; this rendition smells more of swanky Italian leather than other versions I've encountered and gives it incredible sillage. Think of this as the ultimate fragrance gift to give someone who really appreciates a good one.

3) Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir - This elegant scent is inherently masculine with its musk base, but it's the unexpected cedar and nutmeg that give it an added zest. It's edgy, but seems to me a foolproof choice for the timeless man.

4) Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme Fraîche - This aquatic, fresh fragrance is classically clean and fresh; just like the well-groomed man who wears it. Unlike typical crisp fragrances, this one has a certain warmth that gives it incredible longevity and a tempting edge. 

5) Axe Black Body Spray - A budget option, yes. But this one doesn't sacrifice on scent power, that's for sure. I recommend all men having one of these on hand for emergencies, as notes of bergamot and rosemary make this a warm, comforting scent. 

6) YSL L'Homme Ultime - Fresh sage mixes with aromatic woods in this cool, yet deep scent that boasts a uniqueness not unlike its wearer. It's powerful - addictive, almost - and has the rose and ginger notes to prove it. Beware, this is one that ladies just may want to "borrow" sometimes.

*pr samples included.

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