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June 01, 2017

Tips For Casual Bold Lips

Everyone has always told us that bold lips are a major statement. Sure, they can be. But they definitely don't have to be. As I've lightened up on my overall makeup, I've started looking toward bold lips as a way to brighten up my face and add a bit of color...especially during the warmer months. Follow these few simple tips and you too can wear bold lips without looking overdone.

1) Lighten Up That Base - A caked on base with a bold, intense lipstick never looks *casual*. Try a light, fresh foundation that mimics your skin's natural texture, but evens out your complexion. You don't want ruddy skin with a colored lip, but you don't want to overdo it. I recommend mixing your serum and foundation for an undetectable, comfortable, and slightly sheeny base.

2) Color-Free Lids - There's something to be said for the rule of only focusing on one feature at a time. Don't go bold on the lids and the lips...unless, of course, you're at a night club. But since we're talking about looking a little more nonchalant, try going nearly bare on the lids. I'm all about an über thin lick of dark brown or black liner and some mascara, and nothing else at all. 

3) Bushy Brows are Best - Natural, slightly defined brows that still look like they are made up of individual hairs are best with this look. Let's call it the cherry on top of this French-girl inspired look.

What are your tips for dressing down bold lips?

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