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June 01, 2017

Tips For Casual Bold Lips

Everyone has always told us that bold lips are a major statement. Sure, they can be. But they definitely don't have to be. As I've lightened up on my overall makeup, I've started looking toward bold lips as a way to brighten up my face and add a bit of color...especially during the warmer months. Follow these few simple tips and you too can wear bold lips without looking overdone.

1) Lighten Up That Base - A caked on base with a bold, intense lipstick never looks *casual*. Try a light, fresh foundation that mimics your skin's natural texture, but evens out your complexion. You don't want ruddy skin with a colored lip, but you don't want to overdo it. I recommend mixing your serum and foundation for an undetectable, comfortable, and slightly sheeny base.

2) Color-Free Lids - There's something to be said for the rule of only focusing on one feature at a time. Don't go bold on the lids and the lips...unless, of course, you're at a night club. But since we're talking about looking a little more nonchalant, try going nearly bare on the lids. I'm all about an ├╝ber thin lick of dark brown or black liner and some mascara, and nothing else at all. 

3) Bushy Brows are Best - Natural, slightly defined brows that still look like they are made up of individual hairs are best with this look. Let's call it the cherry on top of this French-girl inspired look.

What are your tips for dressing down bold lips?

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