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January 13, 2018

Fragrance Curated for You

Fragrance has always been an element of beauty that can easily alter my mood; it's closely tied to memories, and can really leave a lasting impression. It's for these reasons that I really appreciate niche fragrances, especially when they involve a bespoke selection and creation process. 

I recently discovered a New York City based brand, Olfactory, which is quite unlike any I have encountered before. They truly take the meaning of bespoke fragrances to the next level, and offer customers the opportunity to not only select a unique scent, but to then further customize it by intensifying certain notes and personalizing the label. 
Every Olfactory NYC fragrance is made specially for the customer in the brand's New York studio. The collection encompasses nine fragrances in total, however, each of them can be tailored to the wearer's personal taste by blending combinations of accords to further enhance certain notes. 

This is the new way to wear fragrance; I personally love the idea that when I wear Olfactory, I'm wearing a fragrance unique to me. I also found the process of selection incredibly satisfying, as I was able to describe the notes I typically enjoy in a scent, and Olfactory presented me with Hunter, which contains tantalizing notes of Vanilla, Musk and Ambrette. I then had my scent further personalized with an additional green note, as I tend to like green fragrances with an overall vanilla or amber base, which resulted in my perfect winter fragrance. I love how it sits close to the skin and feels comforting, like it was truly made to suit me.

One of my favorite things about Olfactory is that they don't focus on big marketing and really stress the quality of the fragrances themselves, which allows them to price their scents fairly, especially for bespoke products.
It's safe to say I'm a convert to Olfactory's fragrance line; I already can't wait to select and personalize a scent for the Spring and Summer months from their collection. Have you tried this brand before?

*Thank you to Olfactory NYC for sponsoring this post.

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