April 18, 2018

Springtime Skincare Updates

"Spring Cleaning" doesn't just apply to your living space; it's something you can do in every aspect of your life. Every season I like to rotate some of my skincare products so that I can make sure they are working their hardest and that I have the best possible products in my routine for the weather and current skin needs. My favorite skincare brand, La Prairie, recently launched two new products that have made their way into my routine...and will definitely be sticking around. 

Creams have become a must-have in my routine, whereas I used to rely more heavily on serums and oils for hydration. While I still use both, I have realized rich, but fast absorbing creams work best for me in the morning; especially when they have major skin-altering benefits as well. The La Prairie White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire has quickly filled the role; it's a rich, decadent cream that helps skin become more luminous and even thanks to a new science developed by La Prairie's researchers. In just a few weeks of use my skin looks noticeably brighter and my pores are refined and it has an overall resurfaced feeling, yet is moisturized and plumped at the same time. I'm telling you, this cream is worth the investment, and just a small pump goes a long way.
The second product I've fallen for is the brand new La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence in Foundation, which is a merge of skincare and makeup that creates a flawless, skin-like finish without sacrificing the texture of the skin. As I get older, I get more wary of the foundations that I use and how they wear throughout the day, and this one provides a veil of color that feels comforting on the skin the same way the brand's skincare does. I swear this feels to me as though I could wear it to sleep and it would still feel great come morning. The finish is satin-like, yet feels super hydrating on the skin. This, coupled with the new cream has certainly done wonders in preparing my skin for the warmer weather.
How do you change up your routine for the spring season?
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April 08, 2018

My Favorite Fragrances This Spring

Spring has always provided an opportune moment to rearrange regular routines for a clean and fresh start. Whether you spruce up your interiors with a few new key pieces, revamping your dress wardrobe, or adding some lighter floral-centered fragrances to your vanity; changing up your typical routine is the perfect way to start the new season with a clean slate.

For me, the latter has always been something I sincerely look forward to at the end of the winter season. I stereotypically use headier, warmer scents with notes of tobacco, vanilla and musk in the colder months and make the swap to brighter and more wearable fragrances come spring. I've rounded up some of my current favorites for you to explore, below.
Jo Malone London Green Wheat & Meadowsweet Cologne - This is a fresh and lively fragrance with crisp notes of green wheat and white notes of meadowsweet. I love the initial freshness of this perfume, and that once it settles, it becomes powdery and soft. This is a great choice for those who really like a clean, crisp floral scent that lays closer to the skin.

Jo Malone London Oat & Cornflower Cologne - This scent is the absolute dream for spring. It offers a creamy sandalwood note that's brightened by blue cornflowers and and grounded with a base of green vetiver. I absolutely love how unique it is; I've really never smelled anything quite like it. If only this weren't limited edition I think it would become my signature, year-round scent.

Jo Malone London Honey & Crocus Cologne - A warm honey note and bright crocus come together with a hint of herbal lavender in this springtime release from Jo Malone. I love how the brand was able to create something so fresh, yet comforting at the same time; the note of honey seems almost as if it had sat in the spring sun all day. Trust me, you need to smell this for yourself.

Diptyque L'Ombre Dans L'eau - This is one of those fragrances I had never given a second glance, because I had heard it was reminiscent of the brand's cult-favorite candle, Baies. I never could imagine that as a perfume, because I pictured it to be overpowering; but I was so wrong. This scent is the original blend of fruity, green, and floral notes, and it does this combination in the best way. It's crisp with green leaves, juicy with berries, and feminine with rose all at the same time. I love that I can smell it close to the skin all day long.

Creed Fleurs de Gardenia - This delicate, graceful floral is the springtime ideal, complete with gardenia, roses, lavender, peonies, and pinkberries. I love that this stays true to the feminine, and seasonally appropriate floral bouquet, yet maintains a softer side that doesn't demand too much attention. 

Jo Loves Red Truffle 21 - Perfect for throwing in my handbag when on-the-go, this fig-centric scent is right up my street. It strikes the perfect balance between warming and fresh thanks to the addition of spicy pine notes, earthy truffle notes, and fresh hints of citrus. I love that it's unexpected, and still manages to bring that sexy factor a fragrance that's wearable throughout the warmer months.

Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad - This is a recent discovery for me, and I have quickly fallen for this floral that boasts both warm fruits and heady florals. With notes of apricot, osmanthus, orange blossom, rose, tuberose, and jasmine, this scent is meant to portray an uninhibited woman who finds herself in the garden of good and evil. It's perfect for spring nights out.
*pr samples included.

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