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June 28, 2018

I Tried A Customized Skincare Routine: Here Are My Thoughts

If there were one truth relating to beauty that everyone - no matter their age or personality - could agree on, I think it would be that healthy skin makes you feel your very best. It really, does!

I've tried so many skincare products, and have even gone through phases where I was using 20+ products in one day to combat different "issues" I was experiencing. Nowadays, I don't use more than a few in the morning and a few in the evening, and try to keep them consistent until they are used up. I have my standby cleansers, makeup removers and serums, but I can't deny that I'm always looking to improve my routine. I also change certain items and target different issues as my skin changes, and build my own tailored routine that works for my skin while saving me time.

So, when I had the opportunity to try out a completely customized skincare routine from Luzern, a clean skincare brand that formulates their products using active ingredients sourced from the highest points in the Swiss Alps, I jumped at the chance. 
The best part about this custom routine, and the reason that I had to share it with you, is that it's accessible to everyone via a smart questionnaire that you can take right on the brand's website. It helps to eliminate the chances of selecting the wrong products based solely on how appealing they sound versus how they suit your needs. So, after taking the quiz myself, and handing over the details of my skin concerns and wishes, I was given a list of products to use daily. 

*For reference, my skin is combination with an oily t-zone; I look for products that will keep my skin balanced, and free of breakouts while fighting off the first signs of aging.*
  1. Gelée Cleanser - A gentle scent-free cleanser that removes makeup and impurities.
  2. Balancing Toning Essence - Skin-balancing toner for combination and oily skin.
  3. *Serum Absolute Radiance - A brightening serum that reduces dark spots and evens tone.
  4. *Force de Vie Pure Oxygen Lotion - A lightweight moisturizer that optimizes moisture levels, nutrient absorption and cellular energy while keeping fine lines at bay.
  5. Hydra Enzyme Masque Nuit - An exfoliating and brightening mask that keeps skin moisturized.
  6. *System O2 Infuse Clarifying Mask - A spa inspired mask with oxygen and kaolin clay that reduces surface imperfections and purifies skin.
  7. Micellar Cleansing Water - Waterless cleansing that removes makeup and impurities.
  8. *Au Vin Exfoliating Treatment Pads - Exfoliating pads that treat and brighten skin without drying or harsh chemicals.
I put aside my usual favorite skincare products to give the entire system a go for a few days. As you know, when you swap out all of your products, you can usually expect some sort of change to occur in your skin, but what I wasn't expecting was for my skin to skip a negative reaction and move straight into glowy territory. The products seemed to work well together, and on a daily basis I wasn't using all of them, but I felt that I had almost everything I would typically want to reach for within this routine. 
In the morning, I typically wash my face, then use the Toning Essence and the Serum Absolute Radiance, and then, since this didn't include an SPF, I layered one on and moved onto makeup. I try not to overdo the skincare in the morning because my skin seems to suffocate and my pores feel blocked with too much product. 

At night, I cleanse and then follow up with the Exfoliating Pads (which I'm loving), and then go in with the Serum Absolute Radiance again, followed by the Force de Vie Pure Oxygen Lotion. A few times each week I treat my skin to a mask based on how it's feeling, and use either the System O2 Infuse Clarifying Mask, or the Hydra Enzyme Masque Nuit, the former being my personal favorite for its ability to make my skin feel supremely purified without the "squeaky" aspect that often comes with the clean territory.

Overall, my skin has been loving this routine's consistency, and I feel that the products they selected for me really were the best suited to my skin from their line. I found some new favorites in this system; I particularly love the System O2 Infuse Clarifying Mask, and the Serum Absolute Radiance, which, out of all the products, I feel really made the biggest difference to my skin. 

My thoughts on the system as a whole? If you are new to building a skincare routine, your current routine just isn't working for you, or you'd like to begin using clean skincare and have a custom routine built for you - this is the perfect solution for you. As much as I like a routine, I do tend to enjoy cherry picking my products a bit more, so I will swap out my cleanser and toner again when these are completed, as those are the types of products that never tend to have the greatest effect on my skin anyway. I do love that this introduced me to a few new staples, and that it immediately proved to be effective on my skin without any initial reaction - which I would probably attribute to the fact that the ingredients are clean. I am thoroughly enjoying my glowing skin and the overall ease of using this system. 

I've starred the products above that I will continue using once this system is complete, as I feel there really aren't any others like them on the market, or at least that I've tried!

Would you try out a custom skincare routine? Let me know your thoughts!

*pr samples included.

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