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July 30, 2018

5 Easy Rosé-Centric Cocktail Recipes for Summer

I don't know about you, but the rosé craze has hit and I'm here for it. I've always been a fan of the blush-hued wine, but with more delicious varieties available than ever before, it's something to consider trying if you haven't already jumped on the bandwagon. 

In fact, I'm so into it that I've begun incorporating it into my cocktails as well. With just the right amount of crisp fruitiness and dry edge, this wine is the perfect addition to sangrias, frozen drinks and even pairs incredibly well with vodka or gin. Here are five of my favorite rosé-centric cocktail recipes ...both original and from around the web.

1) Rosé Sangria - The classic Spanish sangria is delicious on its own, but can sometimes feel heavy, which is why a Rosé version is perfect for summer sipping. I've perfected this recipe and love that it incorporates rose water, lemonade, a splash of brandy and raspberry liqueur for a drink that's boozy but light, floral and refreshing. 

1 bottle dry rosé
1 1/2 cup fresh lemonade
1 tbsp rosewater
2 tbsp raspberry liqueur
1/4 cup brandy
lemon slices & rose petals for garnish

2) Rosé Aperol Spritz - My all-time favorite daytime drink is an Aperol Spritz, so imagine my excitement at discovering this recipe that perfectly combines sparkling rose, aperol and passion fruit juice for a bit of a tropical edge. This is delicious - consider yourself warned.

3) Frosé - It's no surprise that this cult-classic drink made it on my list of easy rosé cocktails. It's a drink that cools you down, is delicious and perfect for any girls night. This recipe is my favorite, as it doesn't use vodka, so you can get away with drinking a few more.

4) Rosé Margarita - Yes, there is a way to combine your two favorite summer alcohols (we're talking about tequila & rosé)! It may be an unexpected combination, but somehow the dryness of the wine mingle with the sweetness of simple syrup, zesty lime and tequila for a tart and delicious cocktail. This recipe (#3 on the list) is so simple that you'll wonder why you haven't been making these all along.

5) Rosé Spritzer - Okay, so you've realized my love for spritzers is real. I began making this when I discovered this recipe, but I adapted it to suit my tastes. Instead of bitters, I like to use a dash of rosewater, which compliments the floral notes of the St. Germain perfectly.

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