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July 31, 2018

Essentials for a Long-Haul Flight

While dreaming of my next getaway (can't come soon enough), I realized how much better I've become at packing my essentials for a long haul flight. I used to struggle with this, which often lead to bringing so many unnecessary items that I my shoulder was sore for days after our flight! Rookie mistake...

Luckily, over the past few years - and countless flights later - I've narrowed down my essentials to the items I actually reach for while I'm on the plane, or just after I've landed. I often think about packing in categories, so I don't miss anything.

Comfort: I have come to realize that comfort is above all else when traveling. I used to be concerned with my outfit choice, when in reality...looking put together is important, but being comfortable? Even moreso. There is nothing worse than wearing stiff jeans for 14 hours straight, so I typically opt for yoga pants with a long cardigan and tank top, or leggings and a drapey, long sweater. This way, I am comfortable, but presentable enough for landing. I also tend to bring a pair of luxe socks and my Slip Silk Eye Mask, which is the most comfortable way to block out the light, ever.

Entertainment: I'm that person who will watch movies nonstop throughout the flight, so that I'm not tempted to pay attention to the clock (and how slow it seems to be moving). After a few incidences where I was left wearing uncomfortable headphones for 10 hours (ouch!), I invested in a pair that fit well and provided great sound quality. I also like to bring a journal and pen with me, as some of my most creative ideas come to me while flying.
Beauty: Now for the fun part. I do like to make sure I care for my skin while flying, so as to prevent my skin from going awry before my trip begins. I try to limit what I bring on board to my essentials, because, like I said, things can get heavy fast. I tend to wear only mascara and spot-conceal for flights, so my skin isn't suffocating beneath layers of makeup. 

Oddly enough, my t-zone gets super oily when I fly (probably from all the dirt and grime that I come in contact with when traveling), so I like to limit my skincare to a swipe of balancing toner right when I get situated (the Sisley Grapefruit one is my favorite) and a hydrating mist spritzed throughout the flight to keep my skin refreshed and plumped. I also keep my lip balm on hand, because if I don't reapply often, my lips will be in horrible shape upon landing! The ByTerry one (expensive, but worth it) is absolutely perfect for this purpose, because it creates a barrier and stays put for hours. I love that it comes in crayon form now, so you don't have to put your fingers in the pot.

For hair, I tend to keep a mini texturizing mist like my favorite Oribe or Ouai ones in my bag, along with a detangling brush, so that right before landing I can head to the bathroom and give things a refresh. I also always make sure to bring a hand sanitizer, which I use before eating or drinking anything. Don't forget a good hand cream too because after all that hand sanitizer things start to feel dry!

Lastly, when I finally get off the plane, I like to have a mini perfume with me to spritz on. I really like a fresh or fruity scent for this purpose because it smells cleaner and not overwhelming.

Also, saving up sample sizes and minis from GWP's is a super helpful tip for your next trip...because who wants to lug around full sizes when you don't have to?! 

Necessities: While beauty products are "essentials", you won't get very far without your...wallet, passport, phone charger, camera & chargers, converters/adapters.
What do you like to bring with you on long-haul flights? Share your essentials below!

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