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July 24, 2018

New Skincare Love: Susanne Kaufmann

Finding new skincare brands to love is not an everyday occurrence. I tend to stick to my favorite brands in this category, because messing with unfamiliar formulas can often result in negative skin reactions. Unless I've heard nothing but amazing things about a brand, these days I'm not as tempted to sway from my favorites...which leads me to Susanne Kaufmann. 

Since this natural Austrian brand has been mentioned on basically all of my favorite sites, from Into the Gloss to Damsel in Dior, more than once, I knew I had to give it a try for myself. After using some of her products for the past month, I am happy to report that I fully understand what all of the buzz was about. Ever since using these, I find I'm reaching for less of my other skincare products and also not needing as much makeup, which is a huge win for me.
Right now, I'm regularly using four Susanne Kaufmann products, and am definitely interested in trying more! My current go-to's are...

1) Susanne Kaufmann Face Oil Line F - The lightest, silkiest facial oil I have ever tried! I have to say this product has single-handedly turned me back onto using oils, even during the summer. It hydrates and comforts my skin, while smoothing the texture and making my pores appear smaller. Best of all, it seems ├╝ber luxurious without a price-tag to suit. 

2) Susanne Kaufmann Cleansing Gel - This gentle foaming face wash makes washing my face less of a chore every evening, as it gently removes my makeup without stinging or irritating my eyes. I love that this is antibacterial, which helps to keep skin clear without drying it out. 

3) Susanne Kaufmann Face Gel Matte - Perfect for skin prone to excess oil (which is me in the summer), this gel feels cooling and hydrating on the skin without leaving a sticky residue. I've been using this in the morning, and the Face Oil at night for a bit of a boost...but just the two of them have been making such a difference to my skin. 

4) Susanne Kaufmann Enzyme Peel - This gel-textured peel feels gentle enough on the skin to use multiple times a week! I love that it's made with enzymes from kiwis, apples and papayas, which gently eat away dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. After I use this mask, my skin feels soft, smooth and has a flushed glow to it that looks super healthy. I can't see myself living without this product now!

Have you tried Susanne Kaufmann products before? Share your favorites!

*pr samples included.

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