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July 18, 2018

Wish List Wednesday

After seeing so many tempting new beauty releases, I decided it was time to start sharing my wish lists with you all. So, welcome to my series "Wish List Wednesday." For years I've been creating these types of lists in the "notes" section of my phone, and have used them as a way to keep on top of the beauty releases and trends because - let's face it - there are so many. Here is what I'm currently lusting after and will consider picking up, so let me know if you've tried any of these products for yourself yet!
  1. Nest Fragrances Wisteria Blue Body Cream - I just recently received the Nest Fragrances Wisteria Blue EDP, and to say I'm obsessed is an understatement! It's a fresh, delicate floral that isn't at all cloying, making it an ideal scent for the summer months. If I'm heading to the beach or lake, I tend to skip perfume and use a mist, lotion or oil instead - so this would be perfect.
  2. Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Illuminating Powder - A gel-powder illuminator that looks as though it was made for my summer makeup bag. I have been a longtime fan of Rodin's products, so I know this peachy-iridescent highlighter wouldn't disappoint. 
  3. Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Extreme - I'm sure I'm not the only one who is happy to see the decline of drying lip products, and the return of glosses that plump and hydrate! This Tom Ford one looks luxe, and the colors are gorgeous. My eye's on the shade "Cameo."  
  4. Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Natural Perfection Foundation - Quite a long name, but I have had such amazing luck with Guerlain's base products this past year that I have to try this one. In fact, it's already on its way to me! It has a fresh, light texture that's made with silk and linen fibers so that it stretches with your skin...and not against it. 
  5. Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer - Color me intrigued! This cooling under-eye primer looks right up my street, as I typically use an under eye serum to cool and depuff prior to using makeup, but this looks more compact and portable. I also like that it can be used throughout the day over makeup to smooth the area and provide a makeup refresh!
  6. LancĂ´me Brow Define Pencil - Always the first to volunteer testing a new brow product! I love that this looks ultra slim and offers a self-sharpening tip for precise hair-like strokes 'til the very last use.
  7. Diptyque Body Mist - Diptyque never lets me down in the fragrance department and I currently have my eye on this gorgeous new body mist. It's described as a having "an irresistibly soft, powdery finish" and is more moisturizing and lightweight than your typical perfume, making it perfect for the scorching days we've been having lately.
  8. Susanne Kaufmann Flight Kit - One of my current go-to skincare brands (more on that to come), this travel kit is so chic and provides a streamlined routine for beauty addicts. 
  9. Guerlain Terracotta Summer Golden Glow Powder - Guerlain's famed Terracotta bronzer meets golden highlighter; I think this could be one of those products that could be used in place of bronzer, blush, highlight, and even eyeshadow. It looks ideal for travel! 
  10. Omorovicza Midnight Radiance Mask - I've heard rants and raves about how good this pale blue overnight mask is, and Omorovicza is a brand I trust to live up to the hype. Yes, their products are a bit on the pricey side, but they are always worth the splurge. Think of this as a nightly trip to the spa! 


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